Addon Domains


i host multiple websites on my basic plan at another host.

can i move my site here and use addon domains? i dont see it on your features list?

also, is the refugee code still active? - i’m sure you know which host i mean.

I’d also like to congratulate dreamhost staff on the way the billing issue was dealt with, this is the reason that i will be coming to dreamhost, providing addon domains are available.


I wondered the same thing when first moving here!

You can host as many domains as you like on a single account.

They aren’t considered addon domains (the term “addon” isn’t used here at all). Each domain you add to your account is unto itself a fully qualified domain to which you can then add unlimited subdomains, ftps, shell accounts, email accounts, etc.

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You get unlimited fully hosted domains - much nicer than the CPanel add-on setup. Same goes for subdomains.

If you mean the Lunarpages or Registerfly refugee codes, I’d guess that they’d still work. Can’t hurt to try, since you’ll get to see if it went through before paying.

If I remember correctly, there might have been a trick to one of them. I think you had to choose that you were transferring the domain registration as well, even if you weren’t. I’m guessing that was how they verified where you were coming from.

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Yeah, according to the comments on Josh’s original blog post on Lunarpages and the one on Registerfly, you have to choose the option where you transfer your domain and registration in order for Dreamhost to verify that you are a current customer of the said hosts.

Again, like everyone else, I don’t know whether these codes are still active.

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Wow, I missed this. I did not know such a promotion.

As they mentioned, you can host unlimited domains, unlimited FTP users, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited Email addresses in DH. If your domain is registered elsewhere, you can host them in DH by modifying DNS.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check whether the promo code is active or not. The only way is to check your billing price after you key in the promo code in the payment page. I guess you can check with DH support via contact form for Lunarpages and Registerfly case.

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On addon domains, can you assign one of those to a sub-user? Essentially I want to let my sister manage her domain, access the DNS, and all that jazz. But not let her mess with the other domains on my account. How should I set that up?

Obviously I’ll still have rights to her domain and all, but she still wants to be able to muck around.


When you add hosting for a domain, the setting “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user” is the unix username of the account under whom the domain files are hosted and under whom dynamic scripts are run as.

What you want is to make up a new username for your sister’s unix account and put that as the “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user”.

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