Add'l IP's


Does your Code Monster plan allow adding 2 IP’s?

What is the server type and ram for that plan?

what is the data transfer speed? 10/100 Mbit?

And for the New Moon plan, how may IP’s and mbps?
And how much for add’l RAM?

Support / sales don’t read this forum

Contact dreamhost from their homepage.

Everything you need to know is on the plan list:

[quote]Does your Code Monster plan allow adding 2 IP’s?
Yes. 4.95/month for each IP.

I think that varies per server. But you are only allowed 60 CPU minutes if you are on a shared server so if you are concerned about that then chances are you might need a dedicated server.

I would guess gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000 but I’m not sure about the switches.

3 IPs included.
If you need more:
Pricing: $100 per year per /26. (64 IPs; 56 usable)
Pricing: $400 per year per /24. (256 IPs; 250 usable)

You would have to contact Sales for that info. The plan includes 512 MB of RAM.
Promo Code: WJD97 - $97.00 off any new DreamHost plan (except month-month payments).

Double check with sales though, most of the people in here are customers and sales can give you the latest pricing for all the plans and options.

What plan is best for you? Compare from this list and select the best plan

Thanks wjd. I didn’t see anything about the 60 CPU minutes. I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound like it’s for me.

I am comparing DreamHost with 1&1, and they advertise 100 Mbit transfer speed. Is that the same as the 10/100/1000 GB Ethernet?

I am also researching JTL and Amen.

My major concern is speed and reliability.

What are your thoughts?

10/100/1000 GB Ethernet just means the card can support it. I’m pretty sure their shared servers are 1000 GB there dedicated might be 100 but they could also be 1000.

The 60 CPU minutes just refers to shared hosting. It just is set so one cannot hog the machine with heavy scripts. If you have are using a lot of scripts you probably want a dedicated server like New Moon.

If you are really concerned about reliability and you can afford it go with the New Moon. If you don’t want to host with DreamHost go with a dedicated server elsewhere.
Promo Code: WJD97 - $97.00 off any new DreamHost plan (except month-month payments).

Thanks wjd for the info.

I am comparing DreamHost to 4 other hosts right now. I do like what I am reading about DreamHost. Since hosting is a long term commitment for me, I am trying to make sure I don’t end up with another shitty host. I guess I could go with the Code Monster and then trade up to the New Moon if I am not happy with the Code Monster plan.

I am going to make a decision by wednesday.

Thanks again wjd.

I think some terms need to be straightened out.


10/100/1000 usually refers to Megabit (Mb) and 1000 Mb is often called one Gigabit (Gb.) I really doubt anyone provides a 1000 GB connection. That’s 8 TerraBytes.

The 1&1 page lists 100Mb. If you’re doing something that needs that much traffic, DH is probably not for you.

This page is a decent example of bandwidth speeds. If you have 100 simultaneous loads of a page (and if the average of 10s per page view holds true, that means you’ll have about 1,000 visitors at a time to do this) then 100Mb will come in handy.

You may want to check with sales, I’m not positive if they’re actually setting up new dedicated accounts right now. They’ve had some issues with being able to get enough power into their data center. Anways you might want to check what the status is before you count on being able to upgrade.


I’ve heard that they will offer them again in April.
Promo Code: WJD97 - $97.00 off any new DreamHost plan (except month-month payments).

This would explain why, when asking about the stability issues of the past 6mo-year, they didn’t seem to care that I’m currently looking to get several dedicated servers.

Thanks guys for your input. I really think I may need the quick loading transfer. I get over 100,000 hits per month and I am just beginning. If I activated all my domains, I should expect millions every month.

I am currently working with a login script developer to create a membership community for my adult network. Who knows what may happen.

I will be offering some really cool things for visitors who like looking at sexy babes.

Anyways, I take it you are saying that DreamHost is not for me.

DreamHost would be great for you if they have dedicated servers available. I would contact sales to just make sure.
Promo Code: WJD97 - $97.00 off any new DreamHost plan (except month-month payments).

Thanks wjd. Sorry that I misunderstood you earlier.

I get over 100,000 hits per month

“hits” don’t mean much. They’re just a file request. I can build a site so that one page view generates 100,000 “hits”.

I just checked one of my client’s sites and they got over 130,000 hits but only transferred 417MB of data. It’s a shopping cart, but the CPU minutes were still under 6 (the max is 60.)

Thanks snokarver for clarification.

I meant unique visitors. But if that still just adds up to 6 CPU minutes then thats great. The plan would be suitable for me.

Just don’t want to be in the same situation I am now, with my current host with the server down 10%+ per day.

DreamHost is looking pretty good to me now.

Just signed up for Code Monster for now! Thanks wdj for the coupon!

Can upgrade later into a server when they get some more.