Additional domain name added to account (fully hosted) but domain folder missing


Hi - about an hour and a half ago I added a new domain to our account. This domain is registered elsewhere. I used the ‘Add New Domain’ widget and set it up as fully hosted. I then pointed the DNS on our domain to Dreamhost’s DNS. The problem I am having is that domain folder was never created.

Does this take some time? I would assume this would happen immediately and would be independent of the DNS propagation. I’m positive that I am using the FTP account of the user that the domain was added to.

Did something go wrong? Does it take a while? Should I manually add the domain folder?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Try editing the domain again and saving the settings one more time. I’ve seen this a couple of times but only when the panel was under very heavy loads.



Thanks - I emailed support and they manually updated the server and the folder appeared.