Additional database to hostname

Is it possible to have more than one database per hostname?

“DB Hostname: . (choose anything unique)”

And theres no privileges to create a new database on that hostname from phpmyadmin.

You are allowed to have unlimited MySQL databases, but you’re right that there are some limits to how it works.

I pretty sure you can have only one database per unique hostname.

You do not have the privileges to create a new database when you’re logged into that hostname, but you do have the ability to create as many new tables as you wish. You could theoretically have as many “databases” running off that one hostname (you would just have to be very careful about your table naming scheme).

Hmmm… That’s a very good question…

It looks like they’ve got a 5-1 ratio on included subdomains to domains hosted. I’ve never run up against the ceiling on subdomains, so I don’t know for sure.

I’d be very interested in an official ruling on this.

I’d rather not create 70-some new MySQL hostnames to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you go to Billing->Change Plans in the panel, you should see (under service Features for your current service) an accounting of “# used out of max” for various resources. I believe that the db “subdomains” don’t count. Perhaps the answer is that it is a hostname in the current domain rather than a subdomain.

[quote]Based on what I see, I agree it looks like the db “subdomains” don’t


That’s correct - they don’t.

(nor does ‘’ - which is technically a sub-domain … pretty generous, aren’t we? :>)

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