Adding subdomain

Before the change of the web control panel, I was easily able to add a subdomain to my site. But now, I’m completely and utterly lost. All I want to do is host a site for someone, and I can’t for the life of me work out how to add his site. I go to ‘add new domain/subdomain’ and then i enter the name of his site (what he wants it to be called) in the ‘new domain’ at the top, add him as a new username to the ftp (so he can upload his site)…but i keep getting errors. Have I confused what ‘subdomain’ actually means? His url would be but i can’t seem to create it!

Ooops.You got a serious mistake with subdomain and subdirectory(subfolder). Subdomain is something like ‘’ and subdirectory is something like ‘’. To add a user with ftp access and associated with a subdirectory simply add a ftp user and specify(or create new one) the directory you want to associate with the user. Thats it.

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lol yeah i finally figured it out. it’s all set up, nice and neat now. i obviously didn’t have my brain in gear. :wink: thanks.

You’re welcome. Its very simple for everyone to sometimes mistake on a very simple thing.

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Thanks for the distinction between subdomain and subdirectory. Where do you go and how does one add a subdomain?

In the DreamHost control panel:
Domains>>Manage Domains>>Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

Let us know if you need more detailed info!

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You go to Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains, and click on the "Add a New Domain/ Sub-Domain link. Then, just follow the instructions.


Ha! sorry about that, “What he said” post…I got distracted with a phone call while typing the answer, and when I finished my response and hit “submit” you had already nailed it! :slight_smile: .


Heh, happens to me all the time!

Actually, what I usually find is that the second post (the “what he said” post) actually is the better and more detailed one because that person spent extra time making the answer better or more detailed. For example, you’ll note that rlparker’s post actually has a link to the control panel page where you actually add a sub-domain. That kind of stuff takes extra time to write up, but is well worth the effort from the perspective of the person asking the question!

It’s of a very different character from the posts that are “let me post a shoddy answer quickly so my promo code can be the first reply”. OTOH, I wouldn’t want that kind of post to be confused with the “hmm, another post asking how to create a subdomain, rather than typing a long answer like I did last week, let me see if a short pointer to the right page is all it takes to help this guy”. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, me too. :cool:

Any question can be answered by linking to a page in the wiki. If not, the wiki managers should make it so.

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He he…I generally agree with that, though, frankly, if you read through some of these more prolonged threads, you will see that some users need to be taken “step by step” through even the “better” wiki articles for the fix to “take”. :wink:

As for the growth and utility of the wiki - we are trying! All help on that is most appreciated!