Adding second domain, file structure?

Fellow users,
What should the files look like when I’ve added a second domain?
The first domain,, has been hosting a working website just fine.
Now I’ve gotten a second domain,, fully hosted, and created a website and I’m not sure where it goes on the server.

This is what it looks like now that I’ve added the folder with

Shouldn’t the second domain be at some more root-like level? It shouldn’t have before it, should it?
If you’re kind enough to shed some light on this, please don’t presume I know how to do what you’re suggesting without a cookbook list of steps.
Like, “Just put the new domain in the root level.” won’t help me actually get it done.

Cordial thanks for any help you can offer,

Remember I can’t see exactly what you have already done.

First step is go to manage domains in the panel. See if the domain is listed there.

If it is, then what ‘user’ is listed in the web host column? Is that the same user that you are using to log in via ftp?

Dreamhost “robot” creates a Folder for you when you add the domain as hosted in the panel. If both and have the same “user” listed on the panel’s manage domains page then when you log into that “user” via ftp you should see two folders one called and the other and you put the files for each of your sites into their respective folders.

If you have set up under a differnt user then you will need to log in there to find the “robot” created folder named

Best practice is to create a new user and put it there. It seems that your current user is ‘’ which may make things confusing.

Personally, I name my users something like this:


Actually, I’m not sure if you can use underscores in usernames, but I was trying to give the basic idea.

Underscores are indeed allowed.

I agree that using separate users for each domain will keep things more orderly. Creating extra users doesn’t cost anything, so the price is right, too.