Adding Pictures to Wordpress

I would like to add some sort of picture funtion to Wordpress. It would be too handy to be able to upload images.

Anyone with idea’s?

Dan Hunt

You’ve all ready got it. ^_- Just login to WordPress’s admin interface, and go to Options/Miscellaneous, choose your upload directory, and check the box that says “Allow File Uploads”. Now, you’ll see a new tab in your admin interface called “Upload”. If you see a message stating that WordPress does not have write permissions for your upload directory, set your upload directory’s permissions to 777 (CHMOD 777).

Wow! That is fantastic ! Thanks for pointing that out.


Dan Hunt

By the way, about uploading pictures.
in the “Allow File Uploads” section there is an example of destination directory and an example of a URI of that directory.
Should I keep those ones or change them to something else?
They recommend something like:
Could someone tell me what is .wagnall?

I would definately change that “suggested” path. While it will work initially, the “.wagner” part of the URL is a Dreamhost “dataglob” that is subject to change at Dreamhost’s discretion.

Should that change, you Wordpress will break. Instead of using the suggested “/home/.wagnall/user/”, change it to “/home/user/” and it will still work, and will not break if Dreamhost reconfigures. Of course, you can use a different directory if you choose to do so.

Either way, I would remove the “dataglob” from the path.


Thanks for the tip rlparker.
I’ve tried it and I think I’ll keep with your opinion…

Once again, thanks