Adding new user to FTP - problem!

I have countless domains, sub-domains and directorys within my account.

One of the domains (which when I access, I need to select the correct folder), I need to give FTP access to another user who is helping me with the project.

However, I have problems! I dont want to give my username and password for my account (which at the mo, is the only way I have found to give access).

Is it possible to give FTP access to one of the folders in my account ONLY.

At first glance, this doesnt seem possible, which is strange! If I am unable to do this, could I setup a new account, selecting just the root directory of the domain folder and adding a new user?

Any help with this appreciated.

No, you cannot give access to a folder to another ftp user because Dreamhost does not use an FTP server that works with separate ftp users.

You’ll need to make a new user, create a folder for the site in that user’s home directory, copy all the files to that directory, then change the domain to be hosted by that user rather then the main user, and make sure that the folder info for the domain is pointing to the right one.


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I pre-empted your reply and already done it! Got it working fine now.

Many thanks