Adding MySQL database question

Hi all. Is there possible to add more than one database to an exist host and user?

I tried to add a new database and filled the form with the exsit host and user I created before, but it noticed me that both the host and the user are already taken by another customer.

I have checked the Knowledge Base, but there is no related infomation avaliable for me. Need help to solve that problem.



On the panel for adding a database, it says the DB name, DB hostname, and DN username must be unique. Unique means not only can you not re-use any of the fields on your own plan, but also because the database server is shared, another customer may already by using the same value, forcing you to try a different value.

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I means that I want to create a new database which belongs to an exist host(created by me).

Does every database own its unique host? I want to know whether I also have to creat a new host while I create a database.

yes, you have to create a unique host name for each and every database. You can’t have an other database for you existing hostname.

You can however have multiple applications using the same database if each uses a different prefix.


So, if I wanted to put a blog or a photo album on the same database as my forum, I could do this? I dont really want to create more databases. Would it effect my forum?

Yes, as mentioned by mattail, you can have multiple applications using the same database–just make sure to give each application a different prefix (e.g. pics- for gallery tables, and bb- for forum tables).