Adding more than one hosting plan

Hi All,
I have had an account for about a year now, but I want to create a whole separate website but still have it accessible through the same web panel.

I see that I can click ‘add account’ in the web panel, so I did. Now it tells me I have to add a hosting plan to that account in order to do anything. So I clicked ‘add hosting plan’ and it just takes me to the page where you create a new account from scratch.

On a side note, it does say that the new account is pending approval, but it has said this for a few months now. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to contact Dreamhost?

You don’t need to create another account. Just create a new user.

When you create a new fully hosted domain, make it owned by that new user. Personally, I create a new user for every domain to keep them isolated from each other, but they’re still all accessible from the control panel.