Adding links in email

I can not find how to go about adding links in my text body using squirel mail. Is this possible and how do I go about doing it? Thanks - Frank

I don’t see a way. It doesn’t mean there isn’t, though.

But if you use, you can log into your webmail account. Just type your entire email address in the username field, even though it says after the field.

When you compose in Roundcube, there’s a radio button at the bottom that lets you compose in HTML or Plain Text. With HTML mode, you get a toolbar that lets you create a link (chain icon) for highlighted text.


Scott, thanks for the response. I have never heard of Roundcube…I will see what that is. I do want to make a comment about Dreamhost that would help people like me that are not very computer savvy or literate and that would be to post some types of video tutorials about how all this ties together in Dreamhost. Either YouTube or some on your help / FAQ page. I have a hard time understanding how this FTP works and getting it to work on Dreamhost and paying to get it to work. If there are videos out there I colud not find them, so maybe a link to them would be good. I cannot imagine a company as large as Dreamhost not having someone doing this on their own as a way to help customers. Thanks again for your comment, I reall do appreciate all the help I can get. Frank

Your wish is their command:

And, of course, there’s the forums where you can come to get personalized help from other customers who have been through the same thing.


Thanks Scott. I have been amazed how I can sit and read this stuff over and over and it never sinks in. Then I watch a video and then the light bulb goes off. The one thing that does surprise me is how many tech companies DO NOT use these videos to help people out. You would think that with the explosion YouTube has seen, every company would be jumping on the bandwagon. Also, some industrious employee would create some help videos to score some points with the boss. Just my thought…thanks again for everything. Frank

The wiki is nice because it can be edited and updated on a regular basis. Making a video takes quite a bit of time and will likely be obsolete in a short amount of time. I think that the best of both worlds would be a wiki entry with step by step instructions with screen captures to go along with it. That way you can go at your own pace.