Adding internal anchors to home page

I am new to DreamHost, have just created my site and a single home page. Would like to embed internal anchors on the About and Contact Us parts of the page so that the menu links at the tops of the page scroll the user to those sections. That is, I’d expect to see an <a name="About"> in the HTML. How is this done?


If you want an anchor named about in your page, you need to add the a (anchor) element in your html file at the place where the anchor needs to be. You almost got it right, but the name attribute is not valid for HTML5 (the newest version of the standard) and you should use the id instead.

See an example of how the a element works. If you have more doubts please post more comprehensive snippets of your page so we can give you more specific suggestions.

Hi Smaffulli, thanks for the quick reply. Noob question perhaps, how do I had the tag to the HTML file? I am working in Remixer, do not see any obvious ways to get to the HTML.

Ah, I had no idea you were using Remixer :slight_smile: that changes my response completely.

When you create a link in Remixer, you can change the Type of link to Anchor and subsequently pick the target of the anchor.


Again, if you share the page you’re working on or at least some screenshots maybe we can be more precise.

Hi Smaffulli, thank you, that’s what I needed to know! Much appreciated.


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