Adding hosting to just some domains

I transferred a bunch of domain registrations to Dreamhost last year on my partner’s recommendation, just renewed most of them again last month. I didn’t get hosting on any of them because I host my personal web sites on one of my own servers.

Now I want to add shared hosting for a domain I just registered. The only way I seem to be able to do this is by “upgrading to our Happy Hosting billing plan” on my account info page. The “Adding Happy Hosting Plan to Account #xxxxxxxx” page gives me a bunch of pricing options, but no way to choose which domain I want to host.

There’s an “Add Plan Now!” button, but given the “we just added $9.95 to your account balance, now you can pay” behavior of the domain registration system, I don’t want to click it without knowing what’s going to happen. I definitely only want hosting on one domain out of the ten I have registered here, and don’t want to end up accidentally paying $1,200 for a year of hosting on nine more domains than I want, nor ruining my relationship with Dreamhost.

Has anyone done this successfully on Dreamhost? Bonus points if you managed to get your free domain reg credit or any of the promo rates, which I seem to have screwed myself out of by being a domain reg customer for a year before I wanted to buy hosting.

On your Manage Domains page, when you scroll all the way down do you see a section titled “Registered domains without hosting”? There should be your domains registered there and there should be a button to the right of each domain “Add Hosting”…

Thats how it is on my panel at least for domains that are registered but don’t have hosting.

Hope that helps.

Just press the Happy Hosting button. You can host all the spare domains on the one account for the one price.

No, you won’t be able to use a promocode.