Adding Gallery 2 to Mambo as a Component at DH

I want to adjust the “Gallery Component Settings” in the Mambo admin but I do not know the answers to the questions.

Full server path to Gallery G2: I have no idea!!!

Path to your Mambo installation (ex: / or /mambo ): So how about /home/myusername/g2data ?

Path to your Mambo installation (ex: / or /mambo )
How about:

TembedUri: this is generated, can be adjusted. If it is wrong adjust the path to mambo and Relative pat to gallery2:

Any other tips on setting these two up together?

ive got exactly the same problem as this…i hope someone can assist here.

the problem seems to be that DH installs it in locations that havent been documented by the Gallery coders.

so its somehting simple i suspect, like the paths…do the support team view the forums?





gallery data files


Have you posted at Micheal can usually talk users through the install.

I had an issue with this. The only way to get the paths into the configuration of the G2 component was to manually type them into the database using phpmyadmin. This is a bug.

Dreamhost puts your gallery album files outside of your www root. so something like:
home/username/gallery2_data (whatever you named it when you did the install)

The “full path” location of Gallery (the part installed within the www directory) would be something like: /home/user/

Relative location would be either /gallery/ or …/gallery/

Mambo would be / or /mambodirectory/ (depending where you put it).

(don’t forget those slashes!)