Adding FTP users

So I added an FTP user. We’ll call him John. After John uploads his files, how can he access them over the web? doesn’t seem to work, and neither does


This is how I achieved this.

  1. Is to create an ftp user which you have already done, then map a sub-directory from an existing domain using the “Re-map Sub-dir” tool in the panel.


I want the user called “ftpuser” to have their home directory accessible via http at

Select the domain name you wish to use, and enter ftpuser for the sub directory, then continue and select the FTP user you have setup from the drop down list, and the directory you wish to map to.

Once setup you can access the mapped directory using http://www.somedomain/ftpuser, handy for multiple users to upload files to and then link to using http without the need for a static IP which is required for anonymous FTP.

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Thank you, Shonky. This solution worked marvelously.

No problem, happy to help.

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this is what I want and how my friend has it set up for me:

I sign in with his url for uploads, put my username and password, and it signs me in… from there its blank and I can add folders or just put files directly there. when i go to see my files i just go to and I see all my folder and all my files… downloadable

When i follow your instructions…

whenever I sign on one i made for my friend, I see a folder for my website, one for their email, one for something else and then their folder… which they have to click on, then proceed to put files and folders in.

If i dont want them to see my website folder (which is empty, but still) or have to click on their username folder then add files… how can i do that?

Hmm…the FTP user I created can only see their home directory, they don’t see any of my directories so it may be something to do with the privileges you gave the new FTP user.

I just created another new user from the panel using “Users->Manage Users->Add New User”, stuck in a username and password, then went and logged in to the new username/password via FTP and could only see the files in their home directory, nothing else.

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What are the exact steps for adding an FTP user to a subdirectory which I assign? Suppose I am and I want to set up separate FTP access for a friend to be able to access

On Dreamhost I believe I first have to add a user. On the Manage Users page of the control panel I see =========
Type of User Account: FTP account - file transfer access only.
Shell account - allows FTP plus ssh/telnet shell access.
Shell: /bin/bash /usr/bin/tcsh /usr/bin/ksh /usr/bin/zsh

Server: cheeky
Username: (must be 2-16 characters)
Home Dir: /home/username/

Full Name:
Password: Generate a random password and tell you it at the end.
(must be 6-32 characters)
(re-enter password)
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

This leaves me totally baffled. What should I enter my username as ?? Can I pick any name? Suppose I choose the name Pepper.

Then it is asking for a value for “Home Dir: /home/username/” What … (praytell) am I supposed to enter here???

Then it is asking for a value for “Full Name” … and what is that?

*** Why does it have to be so difficult? Couldn’t some examples be given so that an inexperienced user could set this up in three minutes??? ****

Can anyone offer some advice?
I am

Just to answer your last queries first.

First you enter a unique Ftp username of your choice eg ‘unique1234’

The line /home/username/ is telling you that this new user will be located at /home/unique1234 . That is where it’s files will be uploaded to.

The next box is Full Name and that is just to give the username a meaningful name (for you and any email use) so you could put ‘Mr Unique’.

You can then use your own password or get the system to pick one for you as you realise.

That’s all you do really. You can change the shell or allow this new user to ftp and ssh to /home/unique1234

When you enter these details the system will show any errors such as if the username you have chosen is already taken, in which case you pick another username. The full name can stay as it is.

That being successful you can choose an email address for this new ftp user or from the drop down choose the no email option.

That’s it really, other than remembering to write down the password (although you’ll get an emailed reminder and can view your emails reminders via the DreamHost panel).

When you create your new user you’ll see a note at the top which says that the new user you are creating cannot edit the files or folders of existing users. You can look but not change.

Now. If you go to manage domains and now create your sub-domain you will find that the new user you just created will be listed in the drop down menu of ‘ftp user/cgi runs as …’.

So after a few hours to allow things to set up you will have an ftp user/name using a subdirectory of your choosing. (It will actually be listed under /home/unique1234/.

The downside is that only that new ftp user can change/upload files. So you would need to ‘share’ the ftp user/pwd between your friend and yourself.

If you get stuck with what to do just try it. You’ll soon get an error message if you can’t :slight_smile: .


I have no subdirectory named “home” … so again I am totally confused as to what this is supposed to mean. Is “home” some sort of codeword for the name of my site which is ??

I have already set up a subdirectory on the server. I want to have separate ftp access to that subdirectory. Now however when I enter the name of the subdirectory, I get an error message.

So … I am sorry to say that the information and explanation you provided has not solved the problem and I repeat my original statement … "Why does it have to be so difficult?? "

Do you know … Is there anyway I could just contact a technical person at Dreamhost and have him/her do this???

In fact I would prefer that techically minded people deal with the technical issues and I just worry about dealing with the “content” of my site …

I’m sorry my reply did not assist you.
I didn’t actually say you had a subdirectory called ‘home’. Home is the main folder that everyones account starts from.
Perhaps you need to contact support?


how do I add a FTP user?

documented here:

I’m having the same problems that another user above was having. I have set up my secondary user, and he gets access to /home/secondaryuser. However I need to be able to log in and put/get files from his secondaryuser FTP domain freely. How do I do that?

Thanks for pointing this out, LakeRat. However, I am still confused: They link to the Directory Re-map page where can change a URL extension to point to one of the users’ folders. I see this:

URL to remap:
New path on cygnus: {/home/owner | /home/subuser1 | /home/subuser2 } / somefolder

(I’ve put the pulldown options in curly brackets)

What I want is for only owner and subuser1 to access the folder . When I setup the new path to say /home/owner / /home/user1files , it doesn’t appear to be the connection portrayed in the final diagram on the page you linked (

In the final diagram however user 1 does not have access to folder 3. What I believe you are wanting is for both User 1 and 2 to have access to folder 3, and thats not the way it works. Your mixing apple and oranges.

You can attempt to use unix groups to access the second users files, but be careful here unless you have a very good understanding of unix file ownership and permissions.

LakeRat, thanks for responding! You are correct; I want both User 1 and User 2 to have access to folder 3, but I don’t want User 2 to have access to any other folders.

In actuality, I just want User 2 to have Read access to folder 3 while User 1 has Write and Read, so I may just go the .htpass route and keep User 1 as the user tied to Folder 3. The plan is for User 2 to simply retrieve a file from an iPad straight into a PDF oriented app which only has FTP and WebDAV connectivity. I’ll just have to get them to browse to the directory with Safari, enter a password, then Read the file and “Send To…” the PDF app. It’s a couple of extra steps I wanted to avoid.

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have been going through several topics, but can not find the answer I need.

I want to add a new user, who will only have access to his domain, so a fully hosted and registered domain name on my account.
It is for a small cats rescue organization in my city, who I just want to give free hosting on my account.
But it is no need they have access to my other domains.

Is this possible? I have setup users before, but unless I am missing something I can not do it for a domain.

Thank and regards, Ron

yes, it’s possible. you need to give that user some account privileges as well. i think you can do this in ‘manage users’

make sure you use ‘enhanced security’ on your domains so the other user can not access them. you, as well, will not be able to access her files.

Thanks bobocat, I got it now