Adding FTP user

Very newbie question but…

I wanted to add an user to my account so that he can FTP stuff to my server but I need the files he uploads to his new account to be accessible via http the same way my files are currently accessible in that same fashion.

However, my account is also tied into my domain, so any sub-directories I create, can be accessed via my URL. However, for any new FTP user I create, their home directory isn’t anywhere in the same paths as my sub directories, right? So does that mean his files are only accessible via FTP, but not HTTP?


This will work:

If you want it to work differently, do a 6 month search in all of the forums for “remap” as this topic comes up a lot.


That’s about the size of it.

You could setup a directory for him in your domain like:[color=#0000CC]somename[/color]/

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Remap Sub-Dir[/color]

Now your friend can login to his ftp, open the folder then open the [color=#0000CC]somename[/color] folder and upload any content into that. You will then be able to view the contents in a browser at

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worked perfectly. THanks!