Adding folders to imap

hi there,

sorry if this ground has been covered, but i did have a fairly good hunt around…

how can i add/organize my dreamhost mail imap folders… in particular i would like to add a “sent items” folder so that thunderbird will keep a record of sent mail on my server.

cheers ears.

This is an IMAP client setting. Assuming it’s basically the same as Mozilla, You want to be in “Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings”, and go to the “Copies & Folders” section for the appropriate account. You’ll then have an option to determine where your sent folder goes.

yes, i can determine which of the exisiting folders to send sent mail to and it defaults to the “sent” folder, but this folder doesn’t exist (i only have folders “junk” and “trash” off my inbox).

therefore i want to create/reorganize the folders for my imap account (it is setup more comprehensively on my other imap accounts and i want to mimic them).

i can’t see anything under “mail” in my control panel to do this, so i was wondering if it was possible, and if so, how.

You create them from the IMAP client itself. In Mozilla (and related clients, like yours), right click on any folder on the correct account, and then select “New Folder”.

yeah i tried that too, but it doesn’t seem to work :’(

this might be a problem with thunderbird i guess… i’ll see if it works with other accounts.

cheers for your help here.


works fine with my other imap accounts thru tbird.

any idea what might be the solution to this?

well… works now.

i put it down to slightly flaky software… or user error ;o)

I’m using Apple’s Mail program which offers me an option for creating IMAP subfolders…I think. It looks like it’s called an “IMAP Prefix”. Am I safe to assume that this is INBOX/new_mailbox?

Thanks, --jeremy