Adding files at the host root

I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was problematic to add files directly to the host root (i.e. where my registered domains live, along with the logs & Maildir). I just started using Git and placed the directory where I’ll be storing my repos in the host root. Does DH monitor this root dir / does it care what is placed in there? Will DH automatically delete this at some point, for some reason, or is it fine where it is?

My ssh keys also live there. From what I understand, that’s fine with DH. I’m just wondering if it’s safe for me to place my repos in a directory off the root, or if one day I’ll wake up and they’ll all be gone…

No problem, I personally try to have everything inside the folder but if you put something in the root is not harmful

Thanks. I also realized after I posted that it wouldn’t cause too much of a problem anyway since I have the cloned repos on my machine. Worst case scenario, I’d have to upload them again from my local files.

I might consider moving them to my main domain anyway, just to be safe…

Files placed in the root of your home directory will be preserved. We don’t make any artificial distinctions between files that are part of a domain and files that aren’t.