Adding Domain

Ok…I’m feeling mildly retarded here, so someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I’m trying to add a new domain to my account, so I go to Domains > Manage Domains > Add, then I fill out the form, and submit. Then I get taken back to the domain list, with no errors, or confirmation message, and the domain I just tried to add is not on the list.

Any ideas?

No, you’re doing it right. While the domain may not become actiave immeadtly, in my expirence it was listed immeadtly. And you always get a success message at the top of the page/section if it worked.

Seems like a problem with the panel, which means you’ll have to contact support.


Thought so. I contacted support a little while ago…just anxious to get rolling.

Thanks for confirming my sanity. :wink: