Adding domain to hosting account



I tried to add my new domain to my new hosting account, but I’m having trouble doing it:

When I go to my account, it says
"You don’t have any domains hosted on this account. Click the button above to add one!"

Then when I try to add my domain, it says
"Can’t add domain: already in our system"

Any ideas on why this might be happening? This is a second account I have with DreamHost and I did have some trouble with understanding whether to add a new account or just add the new domain to the old account. I ended up getting a second account, but maybe I messed up some way.

Many thanks!


Ah, yes. If the domain has been previously hosted under your first account, you will have to contact support to have them move it to your second account.

Dreamhost had to institute a policy within the automated system forbidding the hosting of domains that had been previously hosted here for a year or so. This is to stop people who had been “rolling” their domains from one promo-coded account to another to try to game the system and get $22.40 a year hosting forever.

Actually, now that I think of it, I’m not sure whether they put in the ability to add hosting for previously hosted domains on non-promo accounts. Hmm.

Finally, are you sure you’ve removed hosting of that domain from your first account? You certainly can’t host the same domain in two accounts at once. :wink:

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Hi Lensman,

Once again, thank you so much for your reply. I’ll make sure with support that everything is done correctly. It’s at least nice to know I don’t have to be stuck with the charges.



Hey, I’m new to dreamhost and I’m presented with a similar obstacle other than the fact I have hosting with another company.

I decided to buy a domain with dreamhost yesterday with the intention of linking the two together. The problem arises when I go into my panel I can’t see any reference to my domain anywhere other than in the billing section. When I go into domains/manage domains section I’m presented “You don’t have any domains hosted on this account. Click the button above to add one!” but my domain isn’t there to be selected.

I do apologise if this is an obvious thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Buying a domain is just the registration process. Now you need to Host it, which you do in Manage Domains. You’ll have to add it.

When you bought/registered the domain, DreamHost set it to use the DreamHost name servers. Once you set up hosting, the world will use the DreamHost name servers and see that it’s hosted here.



Ahh! Yes, I see now. Thank you for your reply!