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Hi -

I understand how to create subdomains in “Manage Domains,” but even after the subdomain was supposedly created and listed under Manage Domains, the site still couldn’t be found when I went to, for example,
So I tried to delete it and remake it.
Once deleted, the subdomain disappeared, but when I tried to add it again, I got the error:
Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system.

I’ve been giving the system time to do this (reasonable 1-hour intervals), so i don’t think time is the problem. I also tried deleting the subdomain folder in FTP, but even so I still receive that same error.

What should i do?


I had to wait for about 5 hours the other day for a subdomain to pop up :slight_smile: . It may be a case that you haven’t waited long enough and the process to create the sub-domain is still in the queue.

I tend to pre-create a sub-domain and a test mysql database or two beforehand, for each domain I use, just in case I need one urgently!



I had to wait approximately 3 hours yesterday before I could access a subdomain created.

Not much you can do except to wait it out.

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If you have shell access enabled then the first place where the dns propogation will occur will show up within the shell. From there you can ping . and it should be active. It still won’t show in your browser yet but that is because it is technically a new site domain. So you need to wait until dns has propogated around to at least get to your isp. Until then you can update your systems hosts file to point to the correct ip for the site in question. On windows it is at ‘c:\windows\system32\etc\drivers\hosts’. Obviously replace the c: part with what drive you installed windows onto and the windows part with the real name of your installation if you changed it. On Windows 2000 this would be called WinNT. I believe linux/unix users will find this file at ‘/etc/hosts’. Formatting is the same on both systems. Just add a line like the following.

Where ip address is the ip where the site is located and site address is the address you are trying to access.

So if you are trying to get to (which imo is a real site) and it is located at ip address (which imo is the real ip address it is at) then you would add an entry which reads like the following.

Please note that you should check and see if you can resolve the next day by commenting out the line because this skips dns resolution. You can also do this with your mysql database if you want. However once the database address resolved on the shell prompt then you can access it from the site no problem without a hosts entry. You just won’t be able to access it via the webbrowser and login for phpmyadmin access.