Adding, deleting, and readding users

So, what happened:
-I created a new user under the “Manage Users” tab
-I deleted the user for some reason
-I want to re-create the user with the same username

Now it gives me the error that the username is already in use.

Does anybody know if that will clear itself up in a little while, or can I never use that username again?

In my experience, it takes a little time for such changes to propagate through the DreamHost system.

Wait a bit then try again, you should then be able to re-create the user.


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Yeah, I tried again the this morning and was able to add the user again. Thanks for the help.

I had the exact problem and ended up getting support to delete the user completely for me. Initially the bloke said it’d filter through the system after a few hours, but when that didn’t happen I asked him to remove the user manually. He happily complied.

If you look under the UNIX GROUPS tab, the user is still listed there in the group. I don’t know much about unix groups and all that jazz, but if the user is still listed there, then it’s registered.

Aaaanyway, contact Support. They’ve been heaps helpful for me and they fixed it up.

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