Adding db to subdomain - how to?

hi, i’ve just gone ahead and done it, but more curious than patient and this might save some people some time as i don’t see any discussion of it.

i have a subdomain:
and i want to add a db to that subdomain,

so i select as the domain to add the db to and then enter the db as:

and then add the user, pw, etc.

will this work just fine?

Yes it works fine. I’ve just changed my site to get rid of some of the folders in to Moved my databases to the subdomain and it was fine. If you change your database location, the old link will still work for a few days until your have updated your scripts. The new link should work after a few mins (if your subdomain has been working for a while (DNS to propagate)).

tehcnially, you don’t need the
YOu can just access it as “” or whatever your server is…

What I did was ping I had setup, and then ran “dig -i x.x.x.x” (where x.x.x.x is the ip number).