Adding Categories & Subcategories to a Forum

i have put up a template at Yahoo geocities to
show what i’m trying to do.

how does a person edit the HTML of their
forum home page to create categories &
sub-categories ? is there a template
buried somewhere that can be edited via

does the phpBB software support make it
possible for a forum to be more deeply
nested - to have sub-sub categories ?

Thanks in advance for any replies !

Yes, yes, and yes.

But you should first start with the forum admin page. /admin/

You should read the documentation for managing a phpbb. Have you received the welcome email and such?

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I suppose you’re using phpBB version 2.0.22 (available as one-click install via DreamHost Web Panel).

To add the feature which allows you to create sub-forums, phpBB2 requires a modification (mod, add-on). You can find this mod at (temporarily not all items at this website are available due to new release and expected heavy traffic so check this link later).

Please not that the release of a new version of the forum software, phpBB3, is announced for today. More information is available at . Version 3 has build-in many new features, including the possibility to easily create subforums.
At this moment a one-click install of phpBB3 is not available yet, but I think that DreamHost will provide this soon. So for the time being you have to download and install the phpBB3 forum software yourself.

I’m running the latest release candidate of phpBB3 at my website, and I’m happy with the new features.

i went with the One Click Install available on DreamHost.

when i do a view source on the forum starter page that’s online … “The original subSilver Theme for phpBB version 2+”

i have a feeling that this is the part where you go beyond scanning the manual, and actually read it.

this looks like a good place to start -