Adding back the domain after deleting

I added a domain,installed wordpress and it worked fine for half a day.i added cloud fare system and select the option i guess which i should not have selected and it ended up getting redirect loop error.I have looked into wiki.Now at this point,can i just start over.Can i just delete the whole domain and add back?When i am clicking it says and i am getting this message saying "Also note - You will not be able to re-add this domain to a different DreamHost account if that account signed up with a promo code or a referrer! "
All i want is to start over with this domain,clean slate?Can i do this or will i be barred from hosting this domain at dreamhost?so confused.

If you installed WP manually, simply FTP into your domain directory and delete the contents.

If you used the One-Click Installer, visit Panel > Goodies > One-Click Installs and click the Manage Installed Applications button, then choose your WP installation and click the Delete All Files button.

If you are deleting or adding a domain in the same account, it will be fine.

There are restrictions in DH to move domain between different accounts to prevent illegal use of promo code.


You can easily do this by following sXi’s instructions:

Please note that whenever you add/delete domains from your panel, your DNS records will likely change, so if you don’t see your site right away, give it some time for those records to propagate. If you have any questions or need help in the process, let us know here, or email us via your web panel. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank You.Figured it out.

Awesome, you’re welcome! Just let us know if you need anything else. We’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: