Adding another domain to my package

I’m adding a domain for a friend who already has a domain name registered through a different company.

I’ve read the following link and am not too sure about some things

If you have already registered a domain, you don’t need to register it twice. You only need to transfer the domain to DreamHost, then pay for hosting.
DreamHost does not charge you to transfer your domain, but your registrar might. Check with your registrar for more information.[/quote]

So my friend already has a domain name, and will be using my plan to host a new website. Would the domain need to be transferred in order to direct users to the new site?

the simplist method is for her to log in to the domain registrars website and set the nameserver for the domain to

then add the domain as fully hosted in dreamhost panel on the “manage domains” page.

You will get an email shortly saying the hosting is set up, but the first change will take several hours. Once you see the generic dreamhost coming soon page when visiting the domain via a browser then both are complete. FYI you friends connection make change soon or longer. In other words, not everyone will get the DNS update at the same time.

Ok, thank you for the advice.