Adding an SSL to an initially mirrored subdomain in a proper way?

Hi there! Maybe this is not a new thing, but reading few articles on dreamhost didn’t help me with my question.

Here’s an issue:

  • I have a domain, let’s say mydomain.[com], which is bought via Dreamhost and supported by Dreamhost hosting
  • I’ve created a subdomain for it: subdomain.mydomain.[com]
  • I’ve also bought a second domain from dreamhost: mydomain2.[com]
  • I’ve created a mirror to point mydomain2.[com]to subdomain.mydomain.[com]
  • Now I need to add an SSL to mydomain2.[com]which doesn’t work with mirrored sites :frowning:

It is very important for me to have an SSL certificate, and that when people access mydoamin2.[com]they see the mydomain2.[com] and not the subdomain.mydomain.[com] in the URL bar. So redirects are not my case here.
Is there a way, maybe to stay away from mirroring and still accomplish my goals? I saw a DNS tab in the Manage Websites section. Maybe I can add a CNAME DNS record for a subdomain.mydomain.[com] so mydomain2.[com] points there? Though I actually thought mirroring works like this. I am not an advanced network engineer, so here I will need your help, community!

You could fully host domain2 and set the web path to point to the existing subdomain directory.

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