Adding ads or more themes?

I am a newbie, so forgive me in advance. I set up my blog with no problems using an internet tutorial which advised using DremHost as the host and importing WordPress for free themes. All that went well. I’ve been able to post and adjust my site to some extent. But now, when I try to import ad software - like adsense, or new themes to my blog, WP posts an error code saying it cannot find directory. Am I supposed to be importing themes from THIS site? Do you have any suggestions?

DreamHost currently provides both hosting services that you pay for as well as those that are free. The hosting service they provide for free is called DreamHost Apps and the free service is limited due to how it is implemented. Every aspect of the backend is handled by DreamHost, including the file management and installing/upgrading software. As a result there is nothing much more for you to do other than use the software applications that come with it.

For more flexibility one would have to upgrade to the paid hosting service. With a “Fully Hosted” domain or subdomain one can manage the files themselves allowing for modifying software and installing additional components such as plugins and themes.

So it sounds like you are on the DreamHost Apps side of things.

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Hello, and thanks for the quick reply. I just pulled up the Manage Domains tab on my account and it says it is “Fully Hosted.”

I was trying to add adsense software and a few more free themes from my WP dashboard. Am I supposed to come into this site to do that? My husband is a computer guy - and he had the time to get me this far - but is unable to help me for at least a couple of weeks. That leaves me needing more help to move forward. Thanks. D.

In addition to the issue that Atropos7 posted re. being “fully hosted”, there are two different types of “one-click” WordPress installations - the “Easy” one-click, and the “Advanced” one-click.

Please check via the “Goodies -> One-Click” section of the account control panel to see which version of the installer you used. To be able to add anything to the installation (including adsense code or themes), you need to have used the “Advanced” method, as the “Easy” method only provides a site to which you cannot add these things.

–DreamHost Tech Support

The more I try to solve this problem, the deeper the problem is getting as I am having to change accounts, access codes, cannot get to the FTP server, husband is helping intermittently (though he now says he has no idea about what to do now), and at this point, I am pulling my hair out.

Is there any way someone from DreamHost can phone me directly? I don’t want to post my number here, but I think you have it in my data for my account.

To help, here is what I have ?accomplished? to date:

  1. We (hubby and I) set up a blog address.
  2. We set up a .com address (without “blog” in front of it)
  3. I downloaded a WordPress theme.
  4. I added posts, edited posts, added images, deleted images. This part is fine.
  5. I attempted to add advertising. That seemed to require plugins.
  6. I attempted to install plugins and found that I needed widgets.
  7. Since my initial theme did not have widgets, or ad-readiness, I attempted to install an ad-ready theme and could not do it because the system “could not find the wp directory.” I installed another theme which was widget ready and ad-friendly. I gathered that the reason I could not add other themes was because the designers had not updated them recently enough to be compatible with the version I have.
  8. I tried to download Adsense software. No one told me, nor did the literature state that I needed to open a google adsense account first.
  9. I opened a google adsense account, waited 4 days for approval, and now have the code ready.
  10. I cannot locate where to edit the website code to install this code.
  11. Got written tech support answer - they said I probably had a free deal and was unable to download stuff.
  12. I searched and found that I had a fully funded account, so wrote back. Tech support answered saying that I probably installed the easy installation and was therefore unable to add software to it.
  13. I searched and it appeared that I had done the advanced mode, but the system was not happy with some of the file features of mySQL account and database names.
  14. My husband had put both the website in with 2 addresses - one with blog in front of the name, one without. I cleaned that up, renaming the databases, and SQL accounts.
  15. In trying to locate the FTP, I ran into trouble. My husband changed the FTP to Filezilla last week. Now, Filezilla claims not to recognize my username or password, with no offer to email either.
  16. Good news? My blog still comes up when I type it into the web address box.
  17. Bad news? I still cannot seem to figure out how to ad adds to the program - cannot find a place where I can edit the code to insert the ad code, and now cannot seem to figure out if I’ve lost ground or gained it.
  18. I have also put a call in for a local computer guy to call me back to help me, but am frustrated because I understand DreamHost has help available - even by phone, but the process of getting that help is exhaustive. (I say that not to be “un-nice” but as feedback from the non-computer techie portion of your audience. I cannot even easily find if I have paid for live phone help in my plan, or not. This should be easy, at-a-glance information - with a price per hour if I should need to phone someone there…and a number to make that call.)

So, please know, I have done a LOT of google searches for help, and those entries are helpful, but at this point, I really need someone to look at this account and let me know how to solve the problem of not being able to add ads.


Let’s start with FTP:
Log into the Panel here and go to Users -> Manage Users. Click Edit for that user and then you can pick a new password. Now you can FTP in.

You also have the option to Edit your themes within WordPress from the admin panel. In the Appearance section in the left column is an Edit link that brings up an edit window with a list of files included with the theme.

Some themes are widget- and adsense-ready. There are many at that are.

Google returns many results for “embed adsense in wordpress.”

I’m not sure DreamHost support would help with adding adsense to your blog, as it’s third party software. However, when you file a Support ticket, there is an option to request and pay for a call-back. Most plans don’t include phone support, but all customers can buy phone support on an as-needed basis, one call at a time. Having a tech sit on the phone with a customer is very expensive and isn’t the best use of their time (lots of dead time waiting for the customer to catch up).

The good news is that you have these forums to help you through these issues. For free.