Adding a subdomain of a domain hosted elsewhere


How to add a subdomain for a domain which DNS servers are located elsewhere ?

Example 1 : I own and its DNS are managed by

Example 2 : Use free services such as
There are public domains for people who want to use subdomains, ie -> you can register and make it point to Dreamhost’s DNS servers.

The problem is : the admin panel won’t let me add a subdomain for a domain it thinks I don’t own …

Any clue ?

I was wondering about that as well (just signed up DH last night).

As far as I know, you can either

  1. Let DH fully manage your domain, which is available except the cheapest plan.
  2. Try to query the IP address of your hostname from DH’s DNS server, and then add that to ZoneEdit.

For example, if you are hosting, then on windows:

C:> nslookup


Use that IP address in whoever you are hosting DNS with.

I have the same issue - I want to move to DreamHost but keep hosting email myself because I’m not liking how SpamAssassin works (or doesn’t with forwarded email). To do this I want to point the MX record on the control panel to and keep pointing to my home server.

There are two ways to do this -

a) keep primary/secondary DNS for mydomain with my current account and point to the IP of my server at DreamHost, and to my home server,


b) use DreamHost’s DNS and ask them to manually set up a DNS entry for

The second would be preferable, I like to have everything centraly managed, but getting some updates done manually bothers me. I’m worried they might go away sometime by accident and leave me without email. Too bad full DNS isn’t available with the CDI hosting, or available as an add on.

The first would work, but then there is no guarantee my IP will stay the same at DreamHost - if they reconfigure their network or move my account to another machine it will suddenly stop working. The option that is guaranteed to work in this instance is to by a fixed IP address which is a whoppping extra $5 a month. If it was $1 I could maybe deal with it, but not $5!