Adding a second domain

I already have a hosted domain here, and want to add another. I have purchased my second domain from I have found the form here to set this up (Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain).

My question is, do I change the nameservers at first, or do I fill out the ‘Add New Domain’ form here first?

It looks like the DreamHost form only sets up the folder on my server for me, but can I do that BEFORE i point the name servers at it?

You can do it either way.

  1. If you chance the DNS first, there will (likely) be a period of downtime before you get the site setup on DH.

  2. If you create the stuff here and upload the site first, when you switch the DNS there wont be a period of downtime. (Keep in mind, for up to a couple weeks, people will be sent to both locations.) If you do it this way, you wont be able to preview it on the DH servers (unless you set your local DNS to use DH’s name servers.)

What I would do is, setup the new site on DH. Setup a subdomain of the other domain to point to that site so you can preview it. Then change the DNS.