Adding a new plan


Hi all,

I have an account at dreamhost and now I want to create a new, completely separate account (separate disk space, separate credit card, different domain name, etc - one for business and the other for personal use). I understood that it’s possible to use one web panel account to manage several hosting plans, and I see the option “add plan” which opens the menu of L1-L4 plans to select.

Could you please explain what happens upon selection of one of the plans in “add plan” (I don’t want to just try it out in case it makes immediate changes) :

  • is the plan added to the existing plan i.e. if I had 20Gb, now I have 40Gb on the already existing account etc; or it’s considered like a separate hosting account ? (I want them separate)

  • does it also provide one free domain and unlimited free subdomains like signing up for the plan from the main page ?

Are there any disadvantages in opening a new account by signing up anew, except for the hassle of 2 web panel accounts instead of one ? is there any policy against having multiple accounts by the same person ?

Thanks in advance !