Adding a messageboard

I’d like to add a forum to my website, I realize there are plenty of ways I can do this using free hosts, but I thought dreamhost offered it. I can’t find the install, I know I used it a couple of years ago. Wasn’t there a one-click install for forums!? Help, I don’t want to have to use another program for it.


One-click install for phpBB can be found via:
DH Web Panel -> Goodies -> One-click installs -> Install new website software (at that point you choose “easy mode” or “advanced mode” depending on your needs).
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phpBB3 is available as a One-Click. I’d suggest using the Advanced Mode.

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thank you both, I didn’t realize that was what it was. I’m still learning and thought phpbb was some kind of script for myspace type websites. doh’… lol thanks!