Adding a Forum to your site

HOW ? Do you create one ? Get 3rd Party software? What Software? Or is there some free software used by many DHers?

You can use phpbb. That’s aviable as a ‘one click install’ through the panel. Just log into the Panel > Goodies > One click installs. Select phpbb, fill out the info for a new database, tell it where to put it (must be an empty direcotry!) and click go!

There’s lots of other forum software around (Simple Machine Forums, PunBB, vanilla BB, Invision power boards…) but phpbb is a good one and is very easy to install.

–Matttail - personal website

And since phpBB is probably the most popular out of the free forums, you’ll never have trouble finding help when you need it. There are also a lot of different themes, mods, etc…

vBulletin is my favorite, but it’s not free, and I rarely have an idea for a forum that is worth paying more than $0. :wink:

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