Adding a dynamic/secondary domain


I want to add a secondary domain from They basically let me have, and point that a DNS/IP.

So, I wanted to add,and pointed it to IP of NS1 here ( DH software doesn’t go.I know it works;I’ve done it at several hosts (who use Cpanel)

No, isn’t some url forwarding/cloaking. I can ping it and it does resolve to NS1 here.

So…help please.

If you’re trying to get a hostname at your domain to point to your home computer with a dynamic IP address, you’re going about it the wrong way. You’ll want to create a CNAME record at DH, say or whatever, and point that CNAME to

If this isn’t what you want, maybe you could explain exactly what your desired end result is.

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Hi Kchrist

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

No, I do not want it to point to m home PC. I want to it point to This is exactly like adding a normal domain (except I am adding with NS pointed to IP of NS1 here)

Ok, again end result is I want to go to, behaving like a real domain would (not url forwarding/cloaking)

Hope I am making myself clear grins

Did you find out if this is possible? I too am interested in doing this.