Adding a Domain registered in Dreamhost


My domain name and hosting is with Dreamhost. My friend registered his domain name with dream host also and is asking me he can use some of my hosting space.

How do i go about adding his domain name to my account or is htere an easier way of doing this, like forwarding or something.

Thank you in advance.

I, too, am a newbie here, but I think the easiest way is to add your friend as a new user to your account. That will give him his own username and password for FTPing his web site without compromising your security. (He’s your friend today…)

Add his domain using your control panel selecting “Fully Hosted”

On the setup screen, you will have the option of which ‘home’ account to put the domain in… choose your friends newly created account.

Make sure you also select your friends account as user for CGI scripts :slight_smile: .

That’s should be all there is to it.

You can then add any databases, etc he requires.

Don’t forget to change the DNS records at his registrar to point to dreamhost’s nameservers

I’m sure if I have missed something, someone will jump in and correct me :wink:

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply Steve!..i will go do what u suggested

Thank you

Your welcome Alvin

Let me (and others reading) know if it went smoothly enough with those instructions


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