Adding a domain name to the same "space."

Is it possible? We got with Dreamhost some time ago, but that project has fallen by the wayside. Rather than get ANOTHER 120 gigs of web space, it would be nice to just “host” the new site “within”

I know I could get the name and redirect it, but is there any way to sort of re-partition the deadfunny space to be dedicated to the new address?

Just curious. I’m pretty new, so forgive my foolishness.

When you log into your domain panel you should see the ‘Domains’ tab on the left hand menu. In there you should be able to add domains or subdomains to your account (depending on how much your package allows for ofcourse).

I have 2 fully hosted domains (different sites for each) and one that is mirroring one of my other sites. Pretty quick and painless to do, but remember you will have to change the DNS for the new domain name, so make sure you can do that (without much hassle) with your current registrar.

Hope it all works out for ya!

Soooo… if I have 15 available “full domains” (Strictly Business), then I register the name and add it using the “domains” tab on the left?

You got it. Go to Domains > Add Domains and it will ask you which will then ask which domain name to add, and if you want to add it as a fully hosted account, or a mirrored or parked domain.

Good luck!

PS - Sorry for the terrible grammer/explainations, just got off my 11 hour night shift :slight_smile:

You can even remove your orginal domain from everything except “registration” and start anew, so it wont count against you if you dont want to use it.

I don’t have ANY domains on my account… It just doesnt seem worth refunding the 77 cents a month.

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