Adding a Comodo SSL to a website


I just think it would be a good idea for someone at Dreamhost to walk through the process of adding a Comodo SSL to a Secure Hosting site and update the published step by step instructions. Either the written instructions are faulty - or they are incomplete as I feel like I finally “got it right” by accident and not design (i.e. following the written instructions). Since I did technical writing for over 30 years, I’m pretty much a “by the book” kind of guy - and if the book is broken, I don’t do too well trying to figure out what’s wrong. As much as I appreciate the support team - I’d rather not have to use them when there are documents in the knowledge base.


Hi Johspa, thanks for the feedback… Do you remember (or better yet, have notes) of what you found was wrong in the documentation and what worked? That would help a lot the documentation team.


Unfortunately I did not record the different steps I needed to take other than what the instructions stated. That’s why I recommended someone actually walk through the process. If it would be of value, I may be doing another dreamhost site with SSL - I can record the steps / differences then.