Adding a CNAME for a domain


Anyone knows how can I do this for a domain I bought from Since I got just the domain, it doesn’t really have much dns stuff.

Basically I am trying to use this for mysite:

I would really appreciate any help, if anyone tells me where in the dreamhost webpanel, I can set this up.


I’ve done something along these lines in the past with a few hoops to jump through:

  1. Create a parked domain. This will generate some DNS entries for you.
  2. Create a parked domain. This will add some entries and free you up for the next step
  3. Delete the parked domain. This frees up those DNS entries, yet retain DNS for for via
  4. Click on DNS for to add the required CNAME records.

Your mileage may vary, as it’s been a while since I did this. I got the original idea from:


Thanks for replying. Can you make it work for, not

Also in #4 you said, add the required CNAME, where do you do it in the dreamhost webpanel?

Thanks again.

Yes. Following my instructions and the link I provided does that.


Thanks, it did work. It was my domain hoster that was the problem.