Adding 2nd user to main domain

I want to add a 2nd user to my main domain without him having a sub directory or whatever, is this possible?

You don’t add users to domains.

The web server is configured to look for the files in a subdirectory of a particular user. This is known as “DocumentRoot” in the Apache documentation, and “Web Directory” when setting up a fully hosted domain on DreamHost.

Besides DocumentRoot, Apache can also use “Alias” to map a url-path to a path different than that of DocumentRoot, allowing you to add “subdirectories” that other users can upload files for.
This is known as “Remap Sub-dir” on DreamHost.

If what you are actually requesting is the ability for two people to upload files and the files, regardless of who uploaded them, visible from the same url-path, then you options are:

  1. create single FTP/shell user and the people share the username/password (easiest)
  2. setup a group and use group permissions etc.
  3. Possibly use WebDAV if it meets your needs

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Yes, I want him to be able to upload files and have the url be***

preferribly if he could not access my files, I notice when a non-main user logs into the ftp he can reach the folder (but not see the actual files) than his own sub-folder, is there just a way to change the permissions so he can upload to the main folder and not just his subfolder, that seems the simplist thing to do (permission denied currently).

If this isn’t possible how can I setup groups to do this for me? from what I understand UNIX has the ability to remember whos files are what.

I tried creating a new group and adding a person too it, but I can’t seem to find anywhere to edit permissions, am I on the right track?

You can’t have two separate users uploading via FTP to the same directory location on our servers. You can use subdirectory remapping to map a sub-area of your website to another user to sort of accomplish it.

UNIX groups can do it in a very controlled environment, but not on our servers and it still won’t really provide a fully seamless setup anyway due to the way file permissions are handled.

Search around on these forums for more detailed explanations.

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