Added an IP to an existing domain


I added an IP address to an existing domain that I have hosted with dreamhost. My site is not hosted through dreamhost, instead I host with my .mac account and redirect from my domain. Since doing that this weekend, my site has been down. I get this message:

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

I added the IP, out of complete ignorance (just thought I needed it, yet, I don’t even know what it is.). I am simply a comedian, that needs a personal site for bookings etc. I certainly don’t know what I’m doing and any help would be appreciated.

Where did you “add an IP address”? The only thing that sounds anything like this that I know of is adding a “unique IP address”. You don’t need to do that.

Here are a few questions to help me (and the rest of the board members) figure out what’s going on in your account:

  1. Did you originally just have one domain? Something like mydomain.tld or www.mydomain.tld?
  2. Was that the domain that was hosted at .mac? How did you get that set up?
  3. Are you adding a second domain? Is it another main domain like anotherdomain.tld? Or are you creating a subdomain like blog.mydomain.tld?

Besides knowing your current situation and setup, it would help to know what you’re trying to achieve.

Let us know and we’ll get started with the help. :slight_smile:

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