Added a domain, poss mistake made

I just added a domain via the panel. It hasn’t appeared in the list yet, but the whois is up, and shows dreamhost’s dns servers. I got the registration confirmation email.

I may have made an error. When I was setting it up, I selected a new ftp user, and entered a user name (this user did/does not exist yet). Was I supposed to use an already existing user?

Perhaps I’m being impatient, but how long should it take for the new domain to appear in the list?

Should I just try again, or wait for awhile?


I assume you are taking about the list at Domains -> Manage Domains.

If you have not already done so, you will also need to add the domain to the DreamHost hosting system via the panel at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-domain. This is done automatically for the initial domain you specified when signing-up, but any new domains that you register will need to be manually added.


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