Added 2nd domain name & having issues

Hi all,

Didn’t see this anywhere around here.

I’ve had a website for about a month and everything is fine. Today I added a second domain name and I’ve tried to get it running using wordpress. It seems to be going, but it says it’s not 'fully hosted". And I can’t seem to get it to be that way. I have no idea what I did the first time around.

Not sure what else to say. isn’t working right (no ‘install themes’).

Please help

thank you

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You registered a new domain today? did you register that at dreamhost?

Have you also been to manage domains and added the domain as fully hosted?

then return to one click installs and choose “custom” install.

I registered it at dreamhost and when I go to manage domains it sends me to the 1 click install.

is the domain listed on the “manage domains” page? If so what does it say in the “web hosting” column?

Did you do a one click install in “simple” mode already?

Thanks - I figured it out. Dreamhost isn’t the clearest - I removed the hosting and then fully hosted it and then did the 1 step process. I think it’s going now.

Hopefully you did a “custom” one click this time around. With “simple” you don’t get access to the files and can’t install theme’s.

I did a custom this time. Waiting for it to respond at this point.

Great, sounds like your back on track!

Now all I’m getting is: “It doesn’t look like has been set up correctly to run wordpress.” when I click on the link in the email Dreampress sent me.