Add wordpress with dreamweaver


I’m new to web building I’d like to add a blog to my website. I have created the website I would like to add to the site.

I’m currently using dreamweaver. I would like to stay with the them of the website. I really just want to add the blog to the body of the website.

You would have to more or less hand code and/or modify a WordPress theme to look like your DreamWeaver site. For starters, do an Advanced One-Click installation of WordPress to that subdomain and start looking at what’s in wp-content/themes for an idea of what makes a theme.


Try and search for “Black”.

There’s one called westkitnet that might be a suitable starting point.

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Now how do I add the blog to my website in dreamweaver?

It would have to be two separate installations. You have, which you made with Dreamweaver, and, which is WordPress with a modified theme that looks like

From, one of your header links will go to the blog, and from, one of your header links will go to the main site. If your main site has a simple enough layout, you’ll be able to closely match the headers and footers, but it will take some manual template work to customize the WordPress theme.


Here is what I have now. and

for right now I wouldn’t care if the blog came up underneath the header

That’s a very structured header that can be incorporated in the WordPress header. I believe that you’d even come darned close if you just copied the entire source of your home page up to the last table row (tr) with the rybphotography_09.gif file. You’d need to pull some bits out of the old WordPress header.php file so the blog itself will still work.

It’s a lot of tweaking to get everything to meld together, your main site is laid out straightforward enough to clone in WordPress. You won’t easily just be able to append WordPress to the end of your page’s header.