Add user ftp access

how do i create ftp access to my website for someone else? limited usage

You can’t (easily, anyhow). UNIX only allows one owner per directory.

But there are hoops you can jump through:

Do they need access to your entire website, or just a part of it?


really just a certain directory

Create a ‘shared’ user account and remap the directory to it using your Panel.

If the directory has content in it already you’ll need to copy it into the newly created account/folder.

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Here’s the link for sXi’s suggestion:


Thanks Scott, and my apologies to silent for not providing more information in my post (I was a bit preoccupied at the time).

Something else you should be aware of silent (if you take the above advice) is that if you want to add content to that folder in the future you’ll need to use the ‘shared’ user information to login to FTP to do so. Anything you upload into the ‘original’ folder under the ‘original’ user won’t actually be available for viewing/usage online. That’s why I used the term shared account, as you’ll likely being sharing it in cases where more than one person needs access to a folder (such as a Themes or Images directory, etc.)

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