Add support for Open Web Analytics

I’d DH to add support for Open Web Analytics ( integration. Currently, Google Analystics is supported. I’m looking to migrate away from all my Google services, since they are pretty much an NSA bitch. It would be nice it DH helped it’s users roll their own analytics.


But you have this in the one click installer. I have install this on my Dreamhost shared hosting account.

Indeed — we already offer OWA (as well as Piwik) as a one-click install. If you don’t want to use Google Analytics, you have plenty of other options. :slight_smile:

jmanko, if you’re referring to the option to automatically insert Google Analytics code in the settings for a domain, that’s a feature of Google Page Speed. It doesn’t offer any similar options for other analytics packages, unfortunately, so we’re not able to support them in the same way.

Aw, ok. Yeah that’s essentially what I meant, because on the Site Statistics page one of the “Actions” listed is “Use Google Analytics,” so I thought that perhaps that was integration you were directly handling. Thanks for the clarification.