Add stuff to other people's FTP?


I just registered with Dreamhost, and have the ability to add as many users as I’d like for FTP.

I would really like a way for some type of ‘admin’ account to be able to add files into another user’s FTP. Our company produces work for other clients, and we’d like to send them their data via FTP. Is this possible?

Yeah, log in as them. You’re the admin, so you should have their passwords. Or you can go the more difficult route of Groups, but you will have to use SFTP, as pure FTP limits you to your own home directory.


When you say that I will have their passwords, is there a way to LOOKUP the passwords? Or do I just have to manage that separately in a textfile or something?

You’ll have to manage them separately. They’re not available for lookup due to security concerns.


Actually Scott the DreamHost API function user-list_users will reveal the passwords.

:cool: -//-

I try to live in the past. The only API thingie I used was DreamMount, and only once or twice. While password listings are convenient, it sure sounds like a bad idea. I’m surprised this feature is available, considering the effort they made to hide passwords in the panel.