Add Pulse CMS to one-click installs

Hi, Michael here from Pulse CMS and 8.5 years DH customer :slight_smile:

Pulse is a flat file CMS without the need to hooking up a database. It’s really easy to theme and deploy - just FTP the download folder to install - and clients love using it. There’s 3,736 users currently.

Would be awesome to have this listed as a one-click install for DH users and I could then recommend on the Pulse site also for visitors to sign up for DH for the synergy.

Look at the site ( to see how fast it is on DH :wink:


Yes, but that’s not free and open source. Everything in the one-click install is FOSS.

I think quite a few people would be disappointed to install it, only to be hit with a $29 license fee.

We don’t currently offer commercial software through the One-Click Installer.

Oh good point, didn’t realise, sorry :frowning:

Thanks for getting back to me though!