Add option to prevent mySQL migration when ordering a dedicate server

We have 8 dedicated servers at this point, we add them as we grow, and each time I order a server I also select the “don’t move anything” options. But, we’ve learned the hard way that this means “but move the SQL databases, every time”. It takes a day or more to copy, adding more load as it does, and when it finishes copying, it breaks stuff, every time. After a couple times, support told us to just email them to order servers. Well, it’s been awhile since the last order, I forgot, I used the automated system and, like clockwork, 3:15 am rolls around and our databases go offline.

I don’t understand why, as an account with dedicated servers already, we’d want databases moved to the new dedicate server every time. I put SQL on a dedicated box so I can deal with it. Leave it alone.

My suggestion - stop moving stuff when all I’m trying to do is just order another server.