Add-on Domain or New Account?

I develop and maintain a number of sites for nonprofits. I recently set up a DreamHost account for a nonprofit and moved the Wordpress files, database to DH from another host. Everything is working fine; I updated the DNS servers to point to DH, can login to WP dashboard, the site is up (much more than at the previous host) and doesn’t appear to have been hacked!

I have another nonprofit site that I want to redesign in WP. It’s presently hosted on Yahoo Small Business using their SiteBuilder software. I want to host the site on DH eventually, but I need to design the site before I change the DNS servers to point to DH from Yahoo. Would I be better off setting up an add-on domain on the first nonprofit’s account to design the site or setting up a new account and change the DNS servers later when the redesigned site is ready to go live?

Hey there!

You can host the other nonprofit site on the same account. :slight_smile: As long as it’s a legitimate nonprofit site, you can host it on the same account since we offer unlimited domain hosting. If you wanted to transfer the domain’s registration to us, you would have to pay the renewal fee for that though, since we only offer one free domain registration.

If you want to make sure that your nonprofit domain is allowed to be hosted on your same account, you can always send a message to our Approvals team and ask:

DH_Elle S,
Thanks for your response.

I have received an okay from the board of the second nonprofit and a copy of the tax determination letter to set up the account, so I won’t have to develop the new site as an add-on domain.

My next question is since the nonprofit has two domains registered at another registrar, I plan to use one domain on DH for development. Can I do this and later have the DNS servers configured to point to DH’s servers after the site is ready to go live (in about a month or two), then configure both domains DNS servers to point to the same site. I don’t have control of the domains yet.

You sure can! This will help: