Add on and Sub-Domains?

At my present host I can go to domain management, and I can create an Add-On domain (up to 10) to go with my 1 main domain of So my wife’s domain is actually but to the outside world it looks like or and you CAN access it by as well. All the add on domains look like from the outside world even though they are a sub folder withing the main folder under public_html folder. Make sense?

So my inquiry is, can I do the same thing here at Dreamhost? Can I create a main domain (lest’s say and then create add on domains under it (let’s say vernsdidj) and would THOSE add-on domains appear out on the internet to the users as or and not as some subdirectory?

I have several registerd domains with Tucows, Inc. and all I would have to do is go into my domain management program and change the nameservers to etc etc and they should propagate throughout the internet after a period of time. correct?

My understandin of Domain names and Host is you can have a domain name registered and controlde by a reseller, but have that domain name hosted by a webhost of a different company, ‘AS LONG AS’ you change the nameservers to the webhost’s nameservers where the domain resides . This is what I’ve managed to do for and

One things I thought was kind of odd, is that even though I own the domain name I can propagate it on a server with the extension of .com ie BUT it can only be accessed properly as or same without the www.

Also, is there a phone number to call and talk to SALES?

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yes you can forward to

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Yes, in what I consider the somewhat strange logic that is cpanel.

You can do one better here at DreamHost. You can set up your web directories however you want, but the default way is that (under the assumption that you only set up one unix id for your domains), all domains and subdomains are set up with their web directory set to subdirectories of your user home directory.

For example, if your username is darthaksarben, the following will be the default setup:

  1. Your home directory will be /home/darthaksarben.
  2. The web directory for will be /home/darthaksarben/
  3. The web directory for will be /home/darthaksarben/
  4. The web directory for will be /home/darthaksarben/

I think it’s a model of simplicity and is very intuitive.


I think the oddness is only a result of having to live with the weirdness of the web directory setup for cpanel. The hosting for and are TLD (.com, .us) independent. There’s no such thing as a “server with the extension of .com”. The apache web server will serve any domain or subdomain that it’s set up to serve.

There is some performance fanciness associated with glue records and having your nameserver having the same TLD as your domain, but that’s beyond most people’s need to understand.

There isn’t, really. You can contact sales via the following contact form:

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DreamHost doesn’t actually include “add-on” domains as you understand them; you’re coming from a cPanel background which has a completely different structure. From what I can tell, you’ve had a single cPanel account which allows sub-domains and add-on domains, but only under one main domain account (no usage of WHM).

As Lensman has described, all your domains and sub-domains are of equal weight, and they each reside in your home directory as subdirectories. You are allowed an unlimited number of domains and sub-domains, so “add-on” domains are not needed; you simply add and and both will be independent from each other in terms of directories. won’t exist however, and even if you did add it, it would be completely separate from, unless you set to mirror it.

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Just to add a little to what has been said, you may add as many separately hosted domains to your DH account as you’d like, they will all be placed into your home user directory in whatever folder structure you would like for them to be in. You may have each in a completely separate folder, or you may place folders within folders… totally up to you.

home/dwr/ would be where my domains would be hosted. I could have, say three domains each with their own directory as such


When creating these directories in the Manage Domains of my DH panel, all I would have to do is create the domainone (or two or three) part… it would automatically be placed into the home/dwr/ location by the panel, because that is my account’s place on the server.

If I were to have a domain AND a subdomain off of it, I would have a couple of options… I could have it set up as

home/dwr/domainone for the main and
home/dwr/subdomain for the sub, or I could choose to go the route of
home/dwr/domainone/subdomain if I want.

Hope that helps to visualize. One you get to playing with it yourself though it should all make BEAUTIFUL sense, and you will probably find it to be the most simple and commonly sensed way of setting up domain directories that’s possible!

Pretty sweet! So I don’t necessarily need so setup an account with one of the names of my registerd domains, (as before) I could set up an account named “jenewein” and it would be home/jenewein/
And to add to it, it would be home/jenewein/ and would be home/jenewein/ same as vernsdidj being … home/jenewein/

Does the .com and .us need to be on the end? Probably to distinguish the TLD huh? The server doesn’t care. Kind of reminds me of Linux Mandrake I had.

Now to create email for home/jenewein/ I would need to add names and passwords in the panel somewhere, correct?

Gotta love Dreamhost. BTW, a few years ago, when we were hosted by iPowerWeb we had a domain called kind of reminds me of this company, new dreams. S

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“Now to create email for home/jenewein/ I would need to add names and passwords in the panel somewhere, correct?”

Over to the left of your panel, go to Mail/Manage Email and you’ll see a big ol button for creating email addys!

I would read the wiki articles on mail too… until I did that I had no idea about such cool things as SSL for added security. As a matter of fact, I would make that wiki your casual reading for the next few days… there is an AMAZING amount of useful info in there, and a lot of it may be things that you’ve never heard about or understood before, but after reading you’re grateful to know as I have been.

That is great advice for anyone “new to DreamHost”, and a lot of questions many have are answered there in a very useful and accessible way.

It’s really encouraging to those that work on the wiki to hear that; several users of these forums are regular contributors to the wiki (though none as prolific as scjessey!). and it is great that their work is appreciated.

Don’t forget that the wiki is editable by anyone, and you should feel free to “jump right in” and share something that you have learned, or improve what is there, to make it even better and more useful! :slight_smile:

Hey, it is a wiki, so you can’t be “thin-skinned” if somebody “edits your edits”, or changes what you write, but all that input is what makes it so great. :wink:


Do each of the domains have their own FTP account which just goes straight to that domains folder?

I’m thinking in terms of giving someone access to one domain but not wanting them to have access to your whole account (as in where they would be able see all the hosted domain names).

They can; it depends how you set them up when you “Add” them in the control panel.

You can set them up on an existing user, in which case they will have a directory (folder) beneath that user just like already existing domains or you can set them up under a different (new, or other existing) user, in which case they will have a directory created in that user’s space.

At FTP login, the user is place in their user directory - domains they control are in folders “under” that directory.

For what you want to do, you want to create a new user to go with that “other” domain/sub domain. You can create the user first in the panel if you want (Under “users”) or you can assign the domain/subdomain to a “new” user when you “Add” it in the “Manage Domains” screen of the panel.

Doing that, either way, will give that second, or additional, user, their own set of login credentials, and when they log in they will be placed in “their” user space (directory), where their domains are in directories within that space.


You can also make any of your domains or subdomains mirror any of the others, which might be handy if you need to replicate some legacy setup where you had site traffic coming in under both and to the same site. Dreamhost gives you great flexibility in managing and using your domains.

– Dan

DreamHost Domain CP have a feature that you can forward any url looks like to I really like this feature.

DreamHost rock!
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Then it will not make any duplicate content issues with all search engine. :slight_smile:

DreamHost rock!
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